Peregrine HORDEN : « Hospitals and Healing from Antiquity to the Later Middle Ages »

Auteur : Peregrine HORDEN

Collection : Variorum Collected Studies Series

Editeur : Ashgate Variorum

Date : 2008

Pages : 338

L’ouvrage se constitue d’un recueil d’articles de l’auteur autour de cette thématique.

Sommaire :

Part 1 Hospitals and Institutions of Care:

  • How medicalized were Byzantine hospitals?
  • The confraternities of Byzantium
  • Ritual and public health in the early medieval city
  • Religion as medicine: music in hospitals
  • A non-natural environment: medicine without doctors and the medieval European hospital
  • Family history and hospital history in the Middle Ages
  • A discipline of relevance: the historiography of the later medieval hospital

Part 2 Sickness and Healing:

  • Pain in Hippocratic medicine
  • Travel sickness: medicine and mobility in the Mediterranean from Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • The death of ascetics: sickness and monasticism in the early Byzantine Middle East
  • Saints and doctors in the early Byzantine empire: the case of Theodore of Sykeon
  • Responses to possession and insanity in the earlier Byzantine world
  • Disease, dragons and saints: the management of epidemics in the Dark Ages
  • Mediterranean plague in the age of Justinian
  • The Millennium bug: health and medicine around the year 1000
  • Continuity and discontinuity in the history of Mediterranean music therapy

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