Mark Q. SUTTON : « Bioarchaeology, An Introduction to the Archaeology and Anthropology of the Dead »

Auteur : Mark Q. SUTTON

Collection :

Editeur : Routledge

Date : 2020

Pages : 310

Présentation par l’éditeur :

Bioarchaeology covers the history and general theory of the field plus the recovery and laboratory treatment of human remains.

Bioarchaeology is the study of human remains in context from an archaeological and anthropological perspective. The book explores, through numerous case studies, how the ways a society deals with their dead can reveal a great deal about that society, including its religious, political, economic, and social organizations. It details recovery methods and how, once recovered, human remains can be analyzed to reveal details about the funerary system of the subject society and inform on a variety of other issues, such as health, demography, disease, workloads, mobility, sex and gender, and migration. Finally, the book highlights how bioarchaeological techniques can be used in contemporary forensic settings and in investigations of genocide and war crimes.

In Bioarchaeology, theories, principles, and scientific techniques are laid out in a clear, understandable way, and students of archaeology at undergraduate and graduate levels will find this an excellent guide to the field.

Sommaire :

Chapter 1: The Discipline of Bioarchaeology

Chapter 2: Discovery and Recovery

Chapter 3: In the Laboratory: Description and Basic Analysis of Human Remains

Chapter 4: Treating the Dead: The Funerary System

Chapter 5: Paleopathology I: Metabolic, Nutritional, and Occupational Stress

Chapter 6: Paleopathology II: Disease and Abnormalities

Chapter 7: Trauma

Chapter 8: Specialized Studies

Chapter 9: Interpretive Theory and Data Integration

Chapter 10: Lives Once Lived: The Anthropology of the Dead

Chapter 11: Contemporary Application: Forensic Anthropology

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