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Who am I ?


Student in Antique History Master at Jean Monnet University (Saint-Etienne, France), I specialized with medicine in Roman times. So I made two research works : one called "Recherches sur la médecine au Haut-Empire: quelles interactions avec la société et le pouvoir?" (introduced in June 2008, marked 17/20) and other called "Les empereurs et leurs médecins d'Auguste à Alexandre Sévère" (introduced in September 2009, marked 18/20). These researches created a real passion on antique medicine for me. It's this passion that I'll try to share with you on this website.



May 2010 : Publication of an article on the Médecins Maitres-Toile (MMT) association's website : "Etre médecin à Rome dans l'Antiquité : les risques du métier". You can read it here.








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