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1st connection on August 12th 2009.

Last update on February 22th 2020 at 22:44.






July 28th 2010 :
At the end of long works, all pages of the site finally have new design. All my excuses for the discomfort caused during this length. The work of form being fulfilled, I can dedicate myself again to contents. In plan for the moment :
- the development of rubric "To visit", with an inventory of museums and monuments useful on our subject.
- the installation of a rubric on the a posteriori representations of the ancient medicine.
- the creation of new biographical chips of ancient doctors (already 11 news for the letter A, 4 for the letter B and 2 for the letter C).
- and of course, the continuation of bibliography which counts 60 chips to date (109 others attempts it of creation, divided between the "roman", "greek", "divinities", "general informations", "medical instruments", "ancient texts " et "Others (Novels, films...)" categories).
June 20th 2010 :
Les Belles Lettres have just published an edition of Galen's Ne pas se chagriner, with the title Oeuvres tome IV (click on the picture for further informations) :

June 15th 2010 :
CALL FOR PAPERS : SFHM makes a call for papers for the symposium wich she organises in partnership with the Société Française de Médecine des Armées (SFMA), on december 2010 : Histoire de l'anatomie et de la chirurgie : évolution de la pensée et des techniques chirurgicales. More informations here.
June 14th 2010 :
The monthly session of SFHM, wich is on June 19th, includes between others a communication of Philippe CHARLIER on paleopathologic researches in catacombs of Paris (more informations here).
May 30th 2010 :
The Hürriyet Daily News has published on last May 16th an article on an interesting discovery in Halicarnassus
(click on the picture for further informations) :

May 23th 2010 :
The Acts of the symposium on the Handicaps et sociétés dans l'histoire, wich was in 2009 in Troyes have been published in february by l'Harmattan
(click on the picture for further informations) :
May 15th 2010 :
Les Belles Lettres suggest to us in March a new edition of Folie et cures de la folie ches les médecins de l'Antiquité gréco-romaine of Jackie PIGEAUD (click on the picture for further informations) :

May 14th 2010 :
Little by little, some works notices appears in the different sections. For example, in month of March, Histoire antique & médiévale devotes an article to medicine in Velia and to its Asclepios sanctuary (click on the picture for further informations):

May 5th 2010 :
The Presses de l'Université de Saint-Etienne have published in january an Invention de la Paléopathologie (click on the picture for further informations):

May 3rd 2010 :
The site changes skin, is broadened and changes also of address. Thanks for you understanding and good trip among us.

April 26th 2010 :
The site traduction is still in progress. Home page has been revised and, soon, you'll find news section concerning roman medicine. Here and now, you can make a research within the site thanks to the Google's tool on top of the page.

March 27th 2010 :
To celebrate the barrier of 800 visitors, I've translated in english most of the pages. Our English-speaking friends will at last can skimming through the site.

January 28th 2010 :
Not many changes on the website (development of the heading "Links"). On the other hand, we have exceeded the 600 visits !!! Thanks to all.

October 21th 2009 :
A forum has been created, you can access it here or in the heading "Links". I hope you'll be many to come discuss on ancient medicine (or other subjects!). Thanks to the 178 persons who have visited this site.

October 8th 2009 :
It's done, headings take shape again! They has been filled and illustrated with photos. Thanks to the 95 persons who have visited this website.

Octobre 7th 2009 :
I made again the website to new, to make him more practical. Some headings stay empty for the moment, I'll try to fill them as soon as possible.

September 25th 2009 :
Thank you for your visits and a great thank to all persons who have let me a little note. It motivates me enormous. To make this website complete as possible, I work on a reworking wich you'll see, I hope, in coming weeks.

September 3rd 2009 :
Some more additions of biographies, as well as a reorganization of them by letters and in tabs. In a word, you'll find some quotes on Homepage.

August 18th 2009 :
Some biographies have been added and a heading on Practizing conditions in Rome has been created.

August 15th 2009 :
The website takes shape little by little. I've begun to show some doctor's biographies, embellished with the list of notes in ancient writers.

August 13th 2009 :
Two new headings have been created : Doctors categories and specializations. To be continued...

August 12th 2009 :
Creation of the website! I'll try, over the days, to fill it, to create new pages...
Meanwhile, I let you to skim through the heading on medical schools some links and a bibliography.


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